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This tiny island of spice was ravaged by Hurricane Ivan back in 2004 and, though over half the population were left homeless, it has bounced back with immense gusto and is ideal for a luxury family holiday. It may be small in stature, but there is an awful lot there for the ultimate luxury family holiday. Post-Ivan, Grenadians have embraced tourism making for fabulous luxury hotels and restaurants without sacrifice of the charming and extremely warm Caribbean culture that defines both the place and its people. So positive are they, rain is referred to by locals as “liquid sunshine” though you’re unlikely to see much of it while you’re there.

Spice Island, Grenada

Spice Island Beach Resort

Spice Island Beach Resort is boutique in size and family-run so loaded with family-friendly considerations.

Local materials abound with gorgeous, ocean-inspired textiles in the beach-front suites and interconnecting family rooms at Spice Island, a beach resort that is boutique in feel and family-run. As such, the thought given to those travelling with children is detailed, thorough and delivered with a warm Grenadian smile....

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Calabash Hotel Grenada palm trees

Calabash Hotel Grenada

Suites dotted across tropical gardens, a diving and water sports centre, and even a Gary Rhodes restaurant can be found at Grenada's Calabash hotel.

A beautiful location on L'Anse Aux Épines beach with 30 suites dotted across eight acres of tropical gardens defines the Calabash Hotel Grenada. The suites vary in size but all accommodate families and have a view out to the Caribbean Sea across the hotel’s manicured gardens. The hotel has two restaurants, one...

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Mount Cinnamon Grenada mountain villas

Mount Cinnamon Grenada

White-washed villa accommodation filled with stark citrus interiors with sensational sweeping views across to the sea.

Stark citrus interiors splash against the bright white villa exteriors at Mount Cinnamon Grenada, each zig-zagging along the side of a hill overlooking St George's and its bay below. Each villa is private, with a large living space that sits adjacent to a kitchen. The villas are large enough to feel like private...

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The Beach House

Portici Bay, St. George’s.

A local and very lively joint, the Beach House is an extremely welcoming family-run joint with a menu that offers favourites such as lobster bisque, tuna tartare, crab rangoons which are wonton wrapped parcels of crabmeat, spiced to perfection and served with a cilantro, duck sauce. Exactly the sort of thing you want to eat in that West Indian heat. The house-made burgers are, of course, a hit with little ones who don’t want seafood, and their dessert menu offers up fabulous dishes such as a crème brulee, sticky toffee pudding and local coconut and nutmeg ice creams. Located right on the sands of Portici Bay, this relaxed, and extremely family-friendly joint is a fabulous option for either lunch or dinner.


The setting and interior décor of Aquarium is what makes it such a winner in children’s eyes. Serving up lots of squeaky fresh seafood (unsurprising when one considers the name,) eating at Aquarium is a truly unique experience. Located within tropical gardens right on the edge of the sea, there is a waterfall in the centre and Koi ponds dotted throughout this rock side restaurant. It may seem a little gimmicky if you’ve never been before but the food is fresh, the staff jovial and extremely friendly, and Aquarium has been operating for so long it’s a veritable island institution.

Laluna Grenada

Whether you stay at Laluna Hotel in Grenada or not, we absolutely recommend you try the food. Italian cuisine may not spring to mind when staying in the West Indies, but this is a delight and children love it, too. The octopus salad, local catch and seafood cartoccio will thrill parents, while little ones can order pizza or fresh, made-from-scratch pasta with whatever array of toppings they desire, all enjoyed at seaside seating overlook the Caribbean waters.

Gouyave's nutmeg factory

Visit Gouyave, a small town on the west coast and, in particular, the nutmeg factory. Hurricane Ivan destroyed 80 per cent of the island’s crop, though the exotic fragrance is still part of island life. Aside from cooking, this spice is used to make soap and even mosquito repellant and in the factory you can see how it is dried on rows of cedar wood racks.

The Bay Botanical Garden

The Bay Botanical Garden is a stunning 20-acre forest of ferns (and nutmeg, of course). Set in St Paul’s, a small suburb of the island’s capital, St George’s, it is a temple to Grenada’s natural flora and fauna and feels more like a jungle than a garden, so dense are the palm trees. Day visits are a wonderful break from beach or poolside fun and tours can be organized too.

Belmonte Estate

Visit the Belmonte estate, home to Grenada’s superb chocolate. This is a cocoa plantation that emerges from nowhere down a dusty, rocky track. Take a tour and you and the children can see how it goes from bean to bar. You’ll be invited to spread cocoa beans with you’re your feet, just as producers used to do, and there’s a clapboard museum inside a small outhouse filled with 19th-century furniture.

Fish Friday, Gouyave

Held each week in Gouyave, Fish Friday draws locals from every corner of the island. The streets are packed with stalls and makeshift kitchen equipment, all of which is overseen by Grenadian women who sell ice-cold Carib beer, thick fried wedges of mahi mahi and freshly squeezed lime juice (with daunting amounts of added sugar). This is a street-party all of its own, which children will adore – music flows and there is lots of lobster.


In an emergency dial 911. St. Augustine’s Medical Services in St. Paul on the outskirts of St. George’s (+473 440-6173 / 74 / 75) is a private medical hospital with excellent medical, maternity, surgical and emergency facilities.

In case it’s of interest, topless sunbathing is absolutely not allowed in Grenada. This is a relatively safe Caribbean island but still take care after dark and allow your hotel to arrange taxis for you.

When to go

Ideal for some oft-needed winter sun, Grenada is wonderful from January to April. It does endure an annual hurricane seasons which, though not guaranteed, makes September and October a riskier time to visit.


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