Luxury Family Holidays Handpicked for Parents

Pre-Teen friendly

  • Bali Hyatt cafe

  • Sheraton Rio Hotel and Resort beach

  • Rosewood Little Dix Bay, BVI

  • Jumeirah Beach Resort Dubai pool

There is a distinct shift in children of a certain age. Not yet fully-fledged adolescents, they are too grown up to be satiated by the offering of a young kid's club to keep them entertained on a family holiday lasting more than a weekend. So whether a hotel offers up ever-popular Wii stations in-room or water sports and activities perfect for pre-teens, horse riding and jet skiing or language lessons and art classes, our selection of luxury, family-friendly hotels have an excellent array of fantastic offerings for boys and girls not ready for a teen club with its discos and sleepovers, but too old for the storytime comforts of baby and toddler clubs.