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Hotel Casa del Mar

  • Hotel Casa del Mar swimming pool

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This waterfront Santa Monica gem overlooks the ferris wheel, the beach and miles of ocean.

Located right on the water’s edge in Santa Monica, Hotel Casa del Mar has been designed to ensure you see the sea as much as possible when inside this glorious beachfront hotel. Windows sit floor-to-ceiling throughout the bedrooms and the restaurant is designed to ensure most seats have an ocean view, too. Located right next to the Santa Monica ferris wheel, the Hotel Casa del Mar couldn’t be better located for a sunny seaside holiday, LA style.

For You -

Catch is the hotel’s restaurant and it has an excellent reputation for serving up some super-fresh daily catch dishes. The Lounge at Casa has a relaxed vibe and serves sushi if you prefer a snack with your cocktails and not a heavy meal. The Sea Wellness Spa is eco-friendly and serves up an excellent massage.

For Them +

The seaside pool is always a hit – placed just metres from the beach, children have a choice throughout the day of swimming in saltwater or swimming pool water. The vibe at Casa del Mar is more beach club than hotel and staff are extremely friendly with children. The best thing is there is a hub of child-friendly activities literally on the doorstep.