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Jasmine Guinness

Jasmine Guinness picJasmine Guinness lives in West London with her husband and their three children, Arthur, Otis and Ruby. Having had great success as a model, featuring in campaigns for Armani, amongst others, today she has a gorgeous toy shop, Honeyjam, on Blenheim Crescent in Notting Hill.

Q: What is your first childhood memory of travel?

The first trip I remember was when I went camping with my parents in Mayo. It was very wet and very chilly. When no one was looking I painted the side of my parents’ Renault van with strawberry yoghourt; it never came off and they had to sell it. I also remember one of their friends running down a hill carrying a tent over their heads and nearly taking off like a huge flying turtle.

Q: Where have you had your best holiday to date?

I loved Mexico and Cuba. They were work trips, but I really fell for them and hope to take my kids back one day. Jamaica is incredible for holidays: the food, music and weather are all perfect.

Q: Where was the first place you went with a little one in tow? How did it go?

I used to travel between London and Dublin a lot when my first son was a baby. It was good training and was always tiring, but fine. However, the odd trip does stand out. I realised on landing that his nappy was full and wet and I had better change it before disembarking and carrying him. I stood him up and whipped off the wet nappy; while I was wrapping it up he did a poo all over the seats. The air hostess was looking at me furiously while I plead for paper or anything! Then my son got sick everywhere. By now I am laughing hysterically and mopping for all I’m worth. I felt terrible for the next person in that seat.

Q: How do you find the experience of travelling with children generally?

I love showing my kids the unusual things you see in new lands but it can get pretty stressful, especially with three.

Q: Where was your best holiday with your children?

I love going to Greece. A classic bucket and spade holiday has a lot going for it. That’s also fun in Wales or Ireland, although wellies and raincoats are usually needed. When the sun shines and you have an ice cream in your hand, anywhere is heaven.

Q: And your worst?

I can’t really think of any entirely awful holidays – there is always some redeeming feature.

Q: What is your must-have travel accessory when away with children?

Pencils and a notebook, reading books and rice cakes.

Q: And top tips for travel with kids?

Always have a change of clothes for under two’s, wet wipes and a bottle of water for take off and landing to make their ears pop. Always have headphones for over 7’s.