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Kodomo Q&A

Founder of, Tina Lake


Tina Lake knows fashion, so her latest venture as founder of insta-hit came as no surprise to those who know her. Bringing the best of London boutiques to one slick and seriously fabulous website, she presents shoppers with the very best international design available in the capital, from Goyard to Giuseppe Zanotti, Hudson to Helmet Lang. She has one daughter, Amelia.

Q: What is your first childhood memory of travel?

My parents lived a fairly nomadic lifestyle. By the time I was 10 I had lived in 6 different countries so I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t travelling! I remember having a very happy childhood where camping in the desert one week and skiing in the mountains the next week seemed perfectly normal.

Q: Where have you had your best holiday to date?

My honeymoon in Mexico. Relaxation bliss. The most beautiful white sand beaches and delicious Mexican spicy food.

Q: Where was the first place you went with a little one in tow? How did it go?

My parents in law’s house in Portugal. It’s a home away from home. The Portuguese love children so everything in the Algarve is catered to little ones of all ages. I work very hard running my own business so it was absolute heaven to have ten solid days Amelia who was only 6 months at the time.

Q: How do you find the experience of travelling with children generally?

I had expected it to be hell on earth, but she was fine. I think it helps that the flight was relatively brief so entertaining her for that long was pretty easy. I just came armed with enough food, milk and toys for her not to get too bored.

Q: Where was your best holiday with your child?


Q: And your worst?

So far, so good.

Q: What is your must-have travel accessory when away with children?

Amelia’s toy computer – she spends hours on it. Distraction is the tool of the century.

Q: And top tips for travel with kids?

For small babies a pillow for your lap for them to sleep comfortably on is crucial, baby head phones to block out the noise going on around them and toys, toys and toys for when they are awake. I always travel with Amelia’s favourite food to keep her in a good mood!

And, of course, lots of water and milk to keep her hydrated.