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B Magazine Issue 1 cover

So if you’re pregnant and choosing maternity care, you would do very well to check out this month’s newest magazine launch, B – for bumps, births and beyond.

B is the only baby magazine dedicated to mums-to-be who have chosen to have their antenatal appointments, the birth of their baby and their postnatal care in private maternity facilities across the UK so, if that’s you, then this magazine cuts out everything irrelevant to you and ensures you have a wealth of information right at your fingertips regarding your pregnancy, your labour and your private healthcare. Alternatively, if you’re simply choosing private care for your antenatal classes, scans and diagnostics, complementary therapies and other areas of care not covered by the NHS, B will be as useful to you as those birthing privately.

With four issues coming out a year, B will cover all aspects of conception, pregnancy, labour, birth, the post-partum period and your baby’s first two years. So whether you have questions on the health and development of your foetus (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t!?), spas and beauty treatments available to you, how to pack for the hospital or the latest health care and technologies in Caesarean sections, for example, you’ll find it on the pages of B. Want to stay fit during and after pregnancy? You can read up on what exercise is safe in pregnancy, what private gyms and exercise classes are suitable for pregnant women and how to get your body back after delivery, what to buy, what to eat and, of course, where to travel to throughout your pregnancy and with young tots (we’ll be helping a bit with that area, of course).

And the wealth of information given doesn’t stop there. Because you don’t stop being ‘you’ when you’re pregnant and want to know about how baby will adapt into every area of your life, you’ll also find fantastic, expert advice on childcare, food and wine, cosmetics and fashion, interiors, and top rated family cars.

Founder and managing editor Sally Hall says, “I wanted to create a magazine that answers all the questions every woman has when she’s pregnant. I never forget how excited and avid for knowledge I was through both my pregnancies, and I know it’s the same for every woman and her partner. I want women to know about the latest research and techniques that are being pioneered in the UK as soon as they become available – not long after their baby is born. B is a magazine that women can pick up and read serious articles their baby and also discover stylish maternity wear and baby clothes, see the latest products in the shops and find gorgeous holiday and beauty locations to help them continue to feel amazing. Together with the website, B supports and informs from the moment the line turns blue until you have a bouncing toddler.”

Issue 1 of B is out this month and is distributed via private maternity clinics, surgeries, clinics and hospitals across the UK.

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