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Foraging with children

As previously discussed when we ranted and raved about the idyllic Studland location for the latest Pig hotel opening, The Isle of Purbeck on Dorset’s Jurassic coast is about as good as seaside country escape destinations get. Seahorses inhabit the clear, clean waters of Studland Bay (no, seriously), tiny lanes wind around picturesque cottages with sweeping views of the Isle of Wight and the people couldn’t be friendlier. And should you take our advice and decide to spend some time there with the children, there is now even more reason than ever to visit.

Fore Adventure tomatoesFore Adventure forage basket

Fore Adventure is a new business that has opened along Middle Beach, a gorgeous sandy strip that sits, unsurprisingly, in the central part of Studland Bay. The whole ethos of the business is connecting people with nature and whether you opt to kayak or canoe, camp, forage, bushcraft or feast, you’re children will undoubtedly be doing just that. And if you’re up for some luxury accommodation while you’re there rather than camping, the local environ of Studland is rife with lovely hotels, though your little ones can still benefit from the incredible surrounding environment thanks to Fore Adventure. Because Jade and Dan Scott, the clever couple behind the company have some amazing “beach schools” now open for booking that will thrill little ones in the coming months.

Fore Adventure children snorkellingFore Adventure foragers

How each day is spent will depend on the weather and the tides but, no matter what happens, supervised children will be exploring the local playground of cliffs, sea, beaches, woods and heathlands. Beach-based art, scavenger hunts, foraging, fishing, rockpooling, bushcraft, kayaking, wild cooking and snorkelling are just some of the outdoor antics that Fore Adventure organise through both their Beach School and their Outdoor Adventure Summer Scheme. Children react in incredible ways to the experiences according to Jade and Dan: “seeing children first recognise that glorious relationship between the outdoors and what they eat is always a special moment. It’s exciting! Donning your wellies and grabbing your basket and exploring the hedgerows and seashore is like a treasure hunt of the natural kind. Being able to eat what they have found in this adventurous way is an added bonus – it becomes about the journey. There is something deeply satisfying in finding and cooking up your own food, which is so clearly evident when working with children – it appeals to all the senses, something that can’t be said for many go-to children’s activities. Our own brood (now 3!) are sold on it.”

Fore Adventure mackerelFore Adventure dinner

And if you want to get involved, there are plenty of things available for parents, too. The foraging and cooking looks especially enticing, given the wealth of amazing local produce found right on the Studland doorstep. And given how family-focused Dan and Jade are themselves, it’s no wonder Fore Adventure began: “a pursuit of the English dream was our inspiration for the business. Wanting to move out of the city and all of the trappings that comes with, we had a desire to head to the country with Molly who was four months old at the time. We really care about getting people outside, seeing it from a new and exciting perspective, and adventuring.” 

Fore Adventure dinner lights

Fore Adventure are now are now taking bookings for their 2015 summer scheme, which will run from 09.30-16.30 each day ( for those aged 6-14 years of age).

Bespoke options for parties or children are priced according to group size and the scope of your adventure imagination. Please visit Fore Adventure for more information.