Luxury Family Holidays Handpicked for Parents


  • Ritz Carlton Santiago indoor pool

  • The Royal York, Toronto

  • Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa exterior with pool

  • Amirandes Grecotel, Crete

Toddlers are adorable, but they can pose a serious challenge when travelling. Being mobile and fearless, everything from antique ornaments in hotel rooms to infinity pools, high chair facilities (or a terrifying lack of) to restaurant menus have to be carefully considered. Traveling with a two year old makes you wonder why you weren't permanently on vacation when they were newborn, but with the right information you can absolutely travel as a family, enjoying luxurious and very welcoming family-friendly hotels that will cater as much to their need for a soft play area and a cot bed, as your need for a babysitter, a large bedroom and an excellent pre-dinner cocktail.