Luxury Family Holidays Handpicked for Parents

Iori Machiya

  • Iori Machiya exterior

  • Iori Machiya bathroom

  • Iori Machiya bedroom

  • Iori Machiya sitting room

Iori Machiya offers stunning 21st-century self-catering in a traditional wooden townhouse.

Iori Machiya is a collection of nine atmospheric machiya, or old Japanese wooden houses, each of which has received a full luxury makeover.  You’ll be sleeping on futons on tatami mats behind sliding paper screens in a 100-year-old building, but with under floor heating, air-conditioning, wifi and a full concierge service.  The Minoya-cho riverside townhouse is particularly spacious and good for families.

For You -

The space and privacy of a whole house is a lot easier for families than cramped hotel rooms.  And you won’t even have to cook – Iori has a delivery arrangement with several local restaurants, so you can enjoy Kyoto’s finest sashimi and tempura without having to get off the floor.

For Them +

Children are very welcome at Iori machiya (staff point out that toddlers cause far less damage to paper screens or tatami mats than drunk grown-ups…) and the concierge can arrange child-friendly versions of cultural activities such as tea ceremonies and flower-arranging.