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Home Hotel

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Home Hotel is definitely where the heart is in Palermo Hollywood.

Home Hotel is a super stylish, very family-friendly accommodation in Palermo Hollywood has more than a hint of luxury, but its main priority is to make everyone feel like they’re at home. All rooms are very large, and filled with baby-friendly, carpet, and little ones can breakfast on boiled eggs (in the poshest cups you’ve ever seen) and fluffy scrambled eggs served in glass jars in the lush garden. On returning Home from a day out, you’ll feel as though you’ve walked into a family party. 

For You -

A range of massage, body and facial therapies await in the Spa at Home and the weekend brunch is a family friendly affair that will feel like an outdoor party. Signature cocktails served by the resident bartender are as delicious as local, Argentine wines, and they will happily concoct a creation just for you, and name it after you, too. All delicious restaurant dishes are made with fresh, seasonal and local produce.

For Them +

The two-storey loft room gives you space from your kids but it’s still so cosy, it will feel like home away from home. Breakfast dishes come in small, child-friendly portions and the kids will love trying new tastes, like creamy scrambled eggs with Argentine tomatoes with “Mate” a delicious hot drink. If it’s warm enough they’ll love splashing in the pool and playing in the colourful, small garden.