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The Aubrey Santiago

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What better spot for a family hotel than right below the city zoo? The Aubrey will delight guests of all ages.

Located in Barrio Bellavista, the are surrounding The Aubrey Santiago is full of colourful houses and sweet smelling restaurants. One of the neighbouring houses is a popular tourist spot, the former home of Chile’s famous poet, Pablo Neruda. With just 15-bedrooms, this boutique hotel is made up from two 1920’s mansions. The bedrooms lead off from a wooden paneled staircase, and Art Deco furniture and statement wallpaper brighten up the communal areas. The atmosphere is charming, and the location idyllic.

For You -

The cobbled terrace surrounded by aqueduct-like arches is the perfect spot for a romantic meal when the children are tucked up. Start the evening with an aperitif at the piano bar, and enjoy the rare sound of nothing but water running down the arches.

For Them +

A safe-haven of a hotel with a private area out back. Take the kids to the nearby zoo, before jumping onto the funicular for a panoramic view over the city. Also, don’t miss the restaurant’s artisan ice cream – the chocolate and manjar (Chilean caramel) are especially good.